Ron Miles
World’s finest trumpet player - all heart
On a more personal note, here are some people I admire past and present....
All men & women of spirit regardless of cast or creed....
All who are courageous enough to express life, love, and nuance through their sincere endeavors regardless of form.
Here’s some pics & links (click on pics) to some of my musical friends and mentors.  My sincere thanks for their offerings and participation in my musical journey.

Eddie Marshall
Thanks Eddie for your light and presence. RIP
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Roch Lockyerrochlockyer.html

R.J. DiCarlo Guitars yoke/unite
 just as music is a universal language - Roch’s yoga link

Olivier Kikteff 
Guitarist extraordinaire &
band leader - Les Doigts de l’Homme

Ben Powell 
Violinist extraordinaire &
cosmic soul brother

Denis Chang Music School
Get started on the right track with all things le pompe