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Nondirectional Reviews

“Every once in a while a CD comes along that so captures a reviewer’s attention it’s almost as if there aren’t enough superlatives to describe it. This is the case with guitarist Roch Lockyer’s first CD ‘Nondirectional.’” link to full review
Dr. Thomas Erdmann,  professor of music
“Nondirectional is notable not only for Lockyer’s thoughtful solos and original voice on the guitar but for his intriguing compositions...The improvisations develop logically, there is a surprising amount of variety on the set and Roch Lockyer shows a lot of versatility and creativity in his playing. This excellent modern jazz set is highly recommended.”  read more
-Scott Yanow, Jazz critic and music writer/author

“Lockyer is an impressively versatile player with a sense of space and clarity reminiscent of Jim Hall and Pat Metheny...Lockyer masterminds a frisky and smart set of music here.”
© Cadence Magazine 2009   link to full review (pdf)

“...Roch has created another compelling and virtuosic chord melody arrangement. This guy can play, write, and he wears many hats, going from straight ahead to funk to blues to bossa nova and beyond, while always retaining his own identity. What really comes through is how much Roch enjoys playing , and that is contagious to the listener.”
-Jazz Improv Magazine  link to full review in Jazz Improv (p. 60)

“Lockyer is a fine player above and beyond his technique and ideas...Lockyer enters with some nice jazz chords and a series of catchy skittering riffs executed at breakneck speed, forming an impressive display...This is intricate music performed with an ease that disguises it’s difficulty...Lockyer has surrounded himself, and his composition, with a highly skilled unit that can play music of high caliber no sweat.”  read more
Walter Kolosky,  Jazz critic and author of “Power, Passion, and Beauty-The Story of the Legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra” 

“... Lockyer successfully transfers Monk's disjointed, angular style to his guitar... while maintaining a distinct character of his own. After all, a piece is not truly Monk-like unless it's a little off-kilter, in a charming but imaginative way. "Monk's House" fits the bill.”  read more
Victor Aaron

“Lockyer’s jazz guitar skills are right up there with the likes of Pat Metheny and John Scofield. His licks are most defiant on tracks like “Major Transitions (A Life)” and “Monk’s House.” Roch’s improvisational jazz runs will make any guitarist stand up and take listen to this album.”  read more

“It’s always amazing to hear some new music that is soulful, creative, challenging and rewarding.”
-Ron Miles

“You and the guys are all playing well both individually and together. Everybody is listening, letting the music breathe, and really playing as an ensemble. I also enjoyed your writing, especially the ballads and Brazilian-influenced pieces. This is a good calling card for you.”
-John Stowell

“The CD sounds great! Good work.”
-Jimmy Bruno

See Roch’s interview in the April issue of Jazz Improv NY 
click here for link to Jazz Improv NY (page 67)
(please allow 3 minutes to download)

Read the text-only version of the interview here

On the Air

We’re beginning to get national airplay-here’s a few we are aware of. 
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WMPG Jazz Top 10
“Nondirectional” made the WMPG Jazz Top 10. A special thanks to Bob Cochran for playing “Nondirectional” on WMPG, WSCA, and taintradio.com.

1    JERMAINE LANDSBERGER    Gettin' Blazed    
2    ROCH LOCKYER    Nondirectional    
3    BRANFORD MARSALIS QUARTET    Metamorphosen    
4    AVERY SHARPE    Autumn Moonlight    
6    SCOTT REEVES    Shape Shifter    
7    OMAR SOSA    Across The Divide    
8    RED HOLLOWAY    Go Red Go    
9    THOMAS MARRIOTT    Flexicon    
10    ROSWELL RUDD QUARTET    Trombone Tribe